Work on your Mental Fitness

Strengthen your Coping Skills

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Problem solving is the key to all business, family and relationship issues. Know how to think better so you can make good decisions and do what you mean to do not what emotions that control you are making you do.

1-2-1 Coaching THINK CLEARLY


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Identify your triggers

Learn games and get tools to eliminate them

1-2-1 Coaching

She took one look at what he was doing and blew her top.

One hour later she was beating herself up for being such a jerk. Asking 'why did I say that? what am I, an idiot? Who DOES that? Me! I'm such a loser'

If you have internal conversations with yourself analysing things you do and if you wish you had more patience this is the package for you. Think clearly and don't let your emotions take over.

The scientific process of retraining your neural pathways is easy in design and with perserverance, support and someone to guide you, you can master it! Let me show you how.

If you are someone who has been inspired by self help books, know you are intelligent enough to figure it all out and frustrated because you have avoided, procrastinated or not prioritized - I can help.

Let's get together and talk. We will come up with a plan and make it happen. Every person is an individual and when we talk, I can help you decide how to go forward.

Develop Great Habits

Enquire for more information about how long term packages are a better price per hour

Long term program with 1-2-1 coaching

Positive Intelligence App by Shirzad Charmine

Six 1-2-1 sessions

Discussion targeted to your specific concerns.

Gain Independence - You don't need a coach forever!

Develop Great Habits

Shirzad Chamine, an MIT scholar and professor at Stanford developed a daily training app to encourage mental fitness. With hundreds of companies and even more Stanford students endorsing the app, you know it is effective for the most successful people out there.

I will guide you through the program so you can apply the training to your specific needs.

You will be able to apply what you are learning from Shirzad to your specific situation and within 6 weeks, you will be able to go it alone. This course puts the control in your hands.

Use this excellent opportunity to identify how to manage challenging days, understand others, plan for the future, come up with great ideas and so much more.

Learn this scientific aproach to mental fitness so you can teach it to your family and friends.

Become Independent... you don't need a coach forever... just until you are back on your feet.

The Problem Solver


€30/30 minutes



if you haven't found a solution in 60 minutes,

you get a no questions refund


Problem solving

Results oriented discussion

Money back guarantee

The Problem Solver

Have you done it all? Researched and informed yourself? Got loads of experience?

AND still can't get traction? Spinning your wheels... wondering why you can't just get this done or figure it out???

It is just ONE annoying problem and you have been worrying about it long enough... It's time to get over it and get on with it.... I CAN help.

With a money back guarantee, I promise you that you will get unstuck and know what your next steps should be.

I'll be your accountability partner to make sure you get it done and if you can't figure it out by yourself, I will find the person who can do that for you.

This is a once off full on problem solving 15 minute session....more if you want. I offer 3 options 15 minutes for €15, 30 minutes for €30 and 60 minutes for €60 - email me and we can figure out which one is best for you.

If you don't feel like the time was well spent, you don't pay.

Gary Gleeson

Gleeson Digital academy

I am delighted.... and I know exactly who to turn to when the unexpected happens.

I recently had a massive life-changing event happen to me personally. I know a lot of coaches that I could have turned to and I decided to sign up with Laurie due to her skill set, she is a qualified coach and has years of practical experience. I wasn't disappointed as I now have practical steps to move forward. I am delighted with her coaching and I know exactly who to turn to when the unexpected happens. 10/10