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Check out what others think about my work

they said

Check out what other parents think about my work



Her work is amazing! It truly changed my outlook on life

Laurie taught me that it's hard to pour out of an empty cup! I've learned to prioritize myself and my needs, and realized that my own dreams aren't dead. Her work is absolutely amazing! It truly changed my outlook on life. She helped unleash my creativity and helped to awaken this beautiful spirit that had been stifled for quite some time. I would highly recommend Laurie to other parents. Thank you, Laurie, you truly are a gem. I appreciate you, and your passion for helping other families through this journey called life.

Karolyn Gamble

Owner and founder of

eat sleep mum repeat

There was a little bit of me that was ... cynical.

There was a little bit of me that was a little cynicalabout what we could achieve.... we got to the heart of the problem really quickly... we were able to focus on creating some really tangible next step was a very well spent 20 minutes.



One session with Laurie had a huge impact on my behaviour

Laurie is an exceptional person who is passionate and honest. She is compassionate and very understanding which makes it easy to open up to her. I literally felt that I could trust her, pretty much from the beginning, and I could have talked to her for hours. There was not a single awkward moment even though we have never met in person and the session was via Zoom. I am still using the tools on a daily basis, especially in stressful situation, for example when my daughter is getting closer to health check-ups.

Barbara Fitzpatrick

Owner and Founder of Kindred Business Networking

Transformational! I felt empowered by Laurie. It was invaluable.



Laurie is so easy to talk to

Laurie has such compassion for others, she immediately put me at ease. It was definitely worth my time and helped me reflect a lot on my habits in a kind and constructive way. I was so glad I took the chance and gave this a try. It was one step in my making myself a priority and also helping to find ways to make some pieces of my life a bit easier.

Maja Dethloff

Academy Director and founder

Peter Hess Academy UK

: ... you can't imagine. I can recommend that for everyone. . . It's so helpful for me to have you by my side. Wow! I have goosebumps.

If you have listened to me speak publically and want to support me, I'd love a cup of java!

Your talk at 4N was wonderful and I loved your storytelling. I wish you massive success with the fund raising to reach that magic goal. 👏 - Michael de Groot